Be bold for change and make the change work for women

Women's Month 2017 banner


Gone were the days when women weren’t allowed to pursue higher education, work, make their own choices and decisions and weren’t even allowed to express their own opinions.

Today, women are given countless opportunities to improve themselves and take whichever path they want to make. Women can now be the head of state, chief executive officer, lawyer, doctor, scientist, engineer, and mechanic. Name the job and there are a lot of women excelling in it.

To celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, International Women’s Day is observed worldwide and falls on March 8 annually and with the theme “BE BOLD FOR CHANGE” this year.

As the world’s seventh most gender-equal society among 144 economies and Asia Pacific’s most gender equal nation; to participate in the global observance of the International Women’s Day (IWD), instead of only one day, the month of March has become the National Women’s Month in the Philippines.

This year the theme is: “WE MAKE CHANGE WORK FOR WOMEN.” This is in line with the present administration’s commitment of True Compassion and Real Change, thus, this year’s celebration will focus on women as partners for change and full implementation of the Magna Carta for Women, a humanitarian law that aims to recognize and protect the rights of women especially in the marginalized sectors of the society.

The International Women’s Day may be celebrated by various governments, groups and organizations differently and the programs may vary depending on their causes and advocacies but always with the same goal: recognizing women and their contributions to societal development.

However, it’s not just about celebrating how far Women Empowerment has achieved, not just about celebrating the rights women enjoy now, but this day calls for women to unite, reflect and take action towards achieving gender parity.

Women are reminded every year that the rights they have now are hard fought and should be appreciated, enjoyed; to never be afraid to work for more, that there’s already a lot of change they can benefit from which they only have to use properly for their growth; and that there are still a lot to be done that can only be achieved if they work as one.



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