Myths about Hypertension: Do you think your Hypertensive?


        Hypertension has been notorious for being the “Silent Killer” for it can claim lives in no definite time because it has no signs and symptoms. Having an above normal blood pressure is not a good sign because it increases the probability of having heart-related complications in the future. Heart Attack and Stroke are some of the fatal conditions that hypertension can bring you. Lack of knowledge is the main reason why people die because of hypertension. We must know what to believe and what are the things that can be considered as misconception. Listed below are the misconceptions about hypertension:


  • Body size is not a good basis to know who are at risk and who are excused of having hypertension. People who are obese at a very young age can develop hypertension earlier compare to the slim people but it doesn’t mean that the slim people are excused. Slim people can develop risks of having Heart-related complication if they have inactive lifestyle, stress, smoking, and unhealthy eating habits.


  • Hypertension has no real indicators and it can strike anytime, anywhere. It has no signs and symptoms. You have may develop heart and kidney problems without knowing you have high blood pressure.

older people

  • Age is a big factor on having hypertension because it weakens the blood vessels that leads to a higher chance of having a high blood pressure but it doesn’t mean that the younger people are excused because more and more young people are suffering from high blood pressure related complications because the way the live especially the generation of Millenials.

one time high

  • Single blood pressure reading is not a basis of diagnosing hypertension. Blood pressure rises and lowers at a different situation. It lowers when we are in sleep because our body is at rest but when we wake up it rises. Blood pressure also rises when we are nervous, excited, and active.  To know if you have a hypertension you should a consistent high blood pressure reading overtime. Likewise, one time blood pressure reading doesn’t mean you don’t have hypertension.


  • Hypertension is a lifelong disease because it will be based on the way you live your life. Dietary and lifestyle changes are the factors that can lead to hypertension. Medication may help you but you need it everyday and possibly for the rest of your life.


  • Hypertension is preventable. You can start consulting your doctor regularly to know their recommendations that you can follow to keep you away from having fatal complications because of hypertension. Choose to live healthy and get away from stress and all other factors that can lead to hypertension.

Hypertension is a life-long disease that has affected millions of people. Yes, it is common on most individuals, but is it right to have one? Hypertension is highly-preventable and can be controlled for those who have it. Being healthy is a lifetime commitment and seeing yourself fit and at its best is what matters. See your doctor regularly, exercise, eat right and maintain a happy / stress-free disposition.




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