Fighting obesity: One pound at a time

Obesity, a condition wherein a person has accumulated so much body fat that it might have negative effect on their health is the Philippine Department of Health’s focus every first week of September.

Obesity prevention awareness campaign aims to inform the public of the risk that obesity brings.This, despite the country having low numbers of obesity cases.

Closeup of obese elderly woman

According to Manila Times a study was made by Asia Roundtable on Food Innovation for Improved Nutrition (ARoFIIN) reported that among the other ASEAN countries the Philippines ranks the second lowest for obesity rates.

Notwithstanding the data, obesity still remains as a leading cause of: heart diseases, stroke, and many other related illnesses. It does not only affect people physically but also mentally, limiting the things we can do and the things we enjoy doing.

It is difficult to stick to a healthy diet due to a lot of factors. It can be because of lack of time due to busy schedules. Planning, picking up ingredients and preparing healthy meals take ample time and it’s easier to rely on take away or processed food. The cost of healthy ingredients is also a problem with those being more expensive than your regular meals.

However, what we eat is not the only thing that causes obesity. Our lifestyle is a huge contributor a well. A lot of jobs involve sitting for almost 5-6 hours a day. Making it difficult for our bodies to use the energy that comes from the variety of foods that we intake turning it to stored fat.

If you are obese and wants to change your life, this whole process takes not only months or years but a lifetime of consistency and discipline. So start small today.

  • Drink up!



Water has a lot of benefits. It’s an important tool in losing weight as it makes you feel full after eating only a little prompting you to eat less.


  • Move it!



You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to lose weight. Increasing movement and your day to day activity is already a good start. Instead of riding your vehicle, why not try walking when you know that where you’re going is not that far from where you are. Doing household chores also help burn those calories away.


  • Eat more!



Yes you read it right. Eat more. Eating 6x a day helps you lose those extra pounds off. But eat real foods and with moderation. The more you restrict yourself from eating the more you will likely gain weight.

  • Relax!



Taking a break like going to out of town trips to unwind helps a lot. Stress is one major factor that causes obesity. So remember to let loose once in a while.



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