photo_2018-11-06_16-34-40Last November 19, Health & Leisure attended the 17th year anniversary celebration of Nurture Wellness Village. A gem located at Pulong Sagingan, Barangay Maitim II West Luzon 4120,Tagaytay, Cavite, which promotes not only wellness practices, but also Filipino culture in its services.

Nurture Wellness gave a different approach to this event and had a not-so-ordinary anniversary special. A celebration that was invigorating, refreshing, and most importantly, educational. The said event enabled the guests to experience their services and to learn about their organic farm called “Farmacy”.

Nurture’s Farmacy have a wide variety of planted vegetables, fruits and herbs. The photo below will let you see the different kinds of medicinal plants that they have which includeherbs and plants that are usually found in your backyard but did not know have more to offer than feeding your palates.

They also discussed Phytotherapy: a traditional approach of preventing sickness and healing diseases from medicinal plants. It brings us back to our old Filipino custom of using plants as medicine.

Apart from the tour, there were also sets of activities and attractions that you can do in the Farmacy which includes the following: Swimming, Camping, Team Building, Traditional Filipino practices and a must see bahay-kubo(native hut) complete with household wares.

After the tour, refreshment that includes their signature iced organic ginger tea paired with vegetable sandwich (which was so delicious, it is something you can eat regularly) was served.Followed by a powerful prayer led by their pioneer massage therapist. An introductory speech was delivered by its founder and co -owner Mrs. CathyBrillantes-Turvill together with her husband Mr. Mike Turvill co-owner and also the their resident chemist for their signature essentials oils.

Before lunch, one of the pioneer staff of Nurture asked everyone to participate as she started teaching us about cupping exercise.An ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts cups to the skin for a few minutes to create suction but instead of cups, we used our own hands – a way to provide massage without the need of a therapist. Cupping exercise done by hands helps relieve pain and inflammation, regulate blood flow and encourage relaxation.

Afterwards, they taught Tai chi, an internal Chinese martial art practiced for its health benefits and the Nurture Wellness Village dance, which helped everyone to loosen up and put everyone in the mood.

A special menu made with organic base ingredients collected from the Farmacy was served for lunch. Healthy gourmet dishes cooked to perfection that were truly sumptuous.During our lunch, a group of young kids performed cultural dances to entertain the whole crowd.

Moreover, for that day,Nurture Wellness introduced and presented their new and improved set of wellness packages for a healthier happier and better you. Making each Nurture visit more exciting. They are offering a wide range of packages that will surely suit different markets (women, men, couple, travel enthusiast, beach bummer, etc.). Visit their website for more information about their new offers

As part of the whole activity, we got the chance to do an ocular visit of Nurture Wellness Village’s accommodation rooms and glamping suites. Each room has its distinct offering that will suit the taste of every clientele. All rooms were uniquely and distinctly Filipino. Like their Ifugao Suite, which is our personal favorite, a suite room that has its own private garden and a spa area perfect for a quick me time.

They also prepared special short classes for us to enjoy like the discussion about different essential oils and how to properly use them, the power of healing with medicinal plants, cooking healthy yet delicious meals, preparing healthy juices and taking note of the nutritional labels of the foods that we buy in the super markets.The highlight of our day however is the relaxing massage given to all.  What a perfect way to end a day!

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