Established in 2008, Health & Leisure (H&L) has emerged as a premier medical travel and wellness tourism integrator which aims to promote the Philippines as a top-notch healthcare destination.

H&L provides a comprehensive and holistic approach in servicing medical travelers and their companions. Its commitment to the clients starts from the moment of their inquiry and goes beyond their post-medical travel requirement.

H&L synergizes service quality, cost efficiency, and the Filipino medical professionals’ innate caring and warm nature to create personalized and seamless medical holiday.

H&L is accredited by the Philippine Department of Health, Department of Tourism and the Philippine Retirement Authority. It is a proud member of the Health and Wellness Alliance of the Philippines (HEAL Philippines) and Tourism Congress of the Philippines.

In 2009, H&L was appointed as the sole medical travel and wellness tourism integrator partner of the International Chamber of Commerce Retirement of Healthcare Coalition (ICCRHC), a non-profit organization that assists in promoting retirement and healthcare in the Philippines.

H&L is a member of the WRCU Group of Companies, in existence for over 40 years. Its diverse businesses include construction, travel services, airline passenger and cargo sales agency and overseas remittance.

H&L is located within Mandaluyong Business District in Metro Manila. Its office is in close proximity to major establishments such as hospitals, banks, hotels and commercial malls, airline offices, embassies and consulate offices.

H&L Advantage

Health & Leisure removes the hassle and apprehensions of seeking medical treatment and wellness packages in the Philippines. We do all the planning, obtaining important information, looking for the best healthcare providers, negotiating for the best rates and arranging our clients’ entire medical holiday.

Its experience and expertise allows anticipating of all the clients’ and companions’ needs.

H&L have an extensive network of hospitals, specialty clinics, dental clinics, aesthetic centers, wellness centers, accommodation facilities and partner medical professionals.

H&L handles direct coordination with doctors, dentists, other healthcare specialists including insurance companies.

Health & Leisure Corporate Strength

H&L is distinguished by its solid and experienced management team composed of individuals with diverse and extensive background in the medical and travel fields. Backed by a stable financial position and a sound relationship with government and different business sectors, H&L is able to deliver premium and unparalleled service to each and every client.


Health & Leisure’s core business is composed of four aspects: Medical Treatment, Wellness Packages, Personalized Miscellaneous/Concierge Services and Third Party Administration (TPA).