Facts about Medical Checkup

A lot of people tend to only visit their doctors when they are experiencing discomfort or excruciating pain. For H&L’s patients alone, only 3% of all the patients we’ve booked for the past 3 years traveled for the purpose of having their health checked. This is a disappointing statistic especially since most diseases are usually … Continue reading Facts about Medical Checkup


Fighting obesity: One pound at a time

Obesity, a condition wherein a person has accumulated so much body fat that it might have negative effect on their health is the Philippine Department of Health’s focus every first week of September. Obesity prevention awareness campaign aims to inform the public of the risk that obesity brings.This, despite the country having low numbers of … Continue reading Fighting obesity: One pound at a time

Tooth for Thoughts

Turning the spotlight on Oral Health Love month, valentines day, heart month, words that usually come to mind when we talk about the month of February. This month, however, is more than just a celebration of love for Filipinos. February is Philippine Dental Health month, an annual month-long celebration that  aims to create and share … Continue reading Tooth for Thoughts